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Water Supply Volume Percent Average/Median Condition
< 30%   30-50%   50-70%   70-90%   90-100%   100-110%   110-130%   130-150%   150-200%   200-300%   300-500   >500%   Regulated   No Forecast  

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AreaSub AreaNWS IDRiverLocationForecast DateAvg CondMed CondForecast PeriodMin 90P 70MP 50P 30Max 10AvgMedPct AvgPct Med
1San JuanPSPC2San Juan Pagosa Springs2017-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31215220225230240215215105105
2San JuanPSPC2San Juan Pagosa Springs2017-6-1Jun 01-Jul 31717478849296838194
3San JuanSJCC2San Juan Carracas2017-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31380385390395405380390103100
4San JuanSJCC2San Juan Carracas2017-6-1Jun 01-Jul 311161201251321401581357993
5San JuanRBPC2Rio Blanco Pagosa Springs2017-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3152545658615455104102
6San JuanRBPC2Rio Blanco Pagosa Springs2017-6-1Jun 01-Jul 31141617.5202323217683
7San JuanNAVC2Navajo Chromo2017-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3163676973766567106103
8San JuanNAVC2Navajo Chromo2017-6-1Jun 01-Jul 31192325293230278393
9San JuanPIDC2Piedra Arboles2017-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3119620020521021521019698105
10San JuanPIDC2Piedra Arboles2017-6-1Jun 01-Jul 31555963697474648598
11San JuanVCRC2Los Pinos Vallecito Res2017-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31195200205215225194181106113
12San JuanVCRC2Los Pinos Vallecito Res2017-6-1Jun 01-Jul 31838893101113998694108
13San JuanNVRN5San Juan Navajo Res2017-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3168570071073576073570097101
14San JuanNVRN5San Juan Navajo Res2017-6-1Jun 01-Jul 311862002102352602902557282
15San JuanLEMC2Florida Lemon Res2017-6-1Apr 01-Jul 314649515359554793109
16San JuanLEMC2Florida Lemon Res2017-6-1Jun 01-Jul 31192224263227258996
17San JuanDRGC2Animas Durango2017-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3137038038540042541538593100
18San JuanDRGC2Animas Durango2017-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3117218018720022522017785106
19San JuanFRMN5San Juan Farmington2017-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31101010301040108011101100103095101
20San JuanFRMN5San Juan Farmington2017-6-1Jun 01-Jul 313303453553954254703857692
21San JuanLPHC2La Plata Hesperus2017-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3125272830312320122140
22San JuanLPHC2La Plata Hesperus2017-6-1Jun 01-Jul 319111214158.55.9141203
23San JuanBFFU1San Juan Bluff2017-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3110401050107011101150110095097113
24San JuanBFFU1San Juan Bluff2017-6-1Jun 01-Jul 313153303453904254503507799
25San JuanMNRC2Mancos Mancos2017-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3135363839413127123141
26San JuanMNRC2Mancos Mancos2017-6-1Jun 01-Jul 31111214151710.47.4135189